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Looking For Old Versions Or Documentation?

Become self-sufficient! All of Swig is open source and available on GitHub at paularmstrong/swig. Just clone the repo, check out the tag of your desired version, and build, review, and change to your liking!

Clone the Repo

$ git clone git@github.com:paularmstrong/swig.git
$ cd swig

List Versions

Every Swig version that has been published has a corresponding Git tag.

$ git tag --list

Check Out Your Desired Version And Pull All Dependencies

$ git checkout v0.14.0
$ make

Review The Targets In Makefile To See How To Build Documentation Or Packages

The target available sometimes change from version to version, so it's a good idea to review what's available.

$ make -pn | perl -F: -ane 'print "$F[0]\n" if /^\w+\s*:/' | sort